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A big fan of telling a story with his songs, SE builds beautiful and enchanting soundscapes intertwined with individual riffs and melodies.

Building on his talent as a drummer, his love of the North German Goan parties of the nineties and all the life style related to this inspired him on further work.

Goa Trance

Northern Days EP

SatanicElectro - Northern Days


Dharma Festival 2015

ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः
Taking inspiration from the beauty of nature and the colors of life.

Psychedelic Sequences



SatanicElectro - DT06 Live

As student he started drumming in Punk and Fusion bands. In this time he played many live gigs with people from all around the world. In the mid of ninetees he came near the digitally made music.

Live Acting

SataniceElectro Live, Dharma Festival 2017

Goa artist and trance producer
Constantly pushing the boundaries of the Psy trance scene.

Project 522



SatanicElectro Mixcloud

The knowledge of building drum sounds and grooves is a common part of his work as a drummer. All tracks he presents are full of individual beats, effects and melodies typical for Goa trance.